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PRESS RELEASE 16th August 2012 - Ski Press



Here comes the tax man: Give him the cold shoulder, with
Snow Swappers

 Recent changes in Swiss and French property law might have an important impact on many second home owners in Alpine resorts.

Earlier this year, a Swiss referendum voted for a new law to restrict the number of second homes in each commune or municipality to no more than 20%. The reasoning behind the change is not to keep out foreign buyers, 60% of second home owners in Switzerland are Swiss nationals, but more about restricting the expansion of secondary residences in tourist locations, especially in The Alps. There are over half a million second homes in Switzerland, equivalent to approximately 12 % of the overall housing stock and in the alpine cantons of Valais, Grison and Ticino the proportion of second homes is between 60 and 80%.

For anyone that owns property in neighbouring France, the recent news about changes in tax laws there could send a shiver through any non-resident alpine property owner. The rise from 20% to 35.5% in tax on rental income from applicable properties has been back dated to January 1, ensuring totally unexpected bills for any rental income accrued. For anyone from outside the EU that owns French property, the situation is even worse, with tax rising to 48.8%, and if you simply want to sell up and walk away then there’s bad news too. Brand new capital gains tax laws now state you must own a property for more than 30 years, as opposed to the previous 15, to be exempt from CGT, one alternative, become a French citizen and avoid the new tax when selling up!

This means that property owners in France and Switzerland should be looking for alternative ways to use their properties to avoid unnecessary tax charges and comply with new legislation. One way that smart owners can utilise their investment is with Snow Swappers.

Snow Swappers is a holiday swapping club exclusively for owners of property in ski resorts around the world. By arranging a swap with another property owner, you could be skiing in Whistler, Verbier or Chamonix without paying anything for accommodation costs. And because there is no money changing hands, there’s no tax deductible.

And it’s not just the skiing you’ll enjoy. Alpine resorts have turned themselves into all year-round adventure playgrounds, so why not take to the mountains in summer too. Resorts where Snow Swappers currently have available properties are world centres for sports like mountain biking, walking, climbing and white water rafting to name but a few.

Core Facts 

  • Snow Swappers has a number of properties recently listed online in resorts like Verbier, Whistler and Chamonix.
  • Membership is available to any owner of property in ski resort destinations.
  • Annual membership is £39.00 (free annual membership is currently available for a limited time).
  • Holiday swaps are arranged between members and there are no other charges applicable.
  • Further information can be found on the Snow Swappers website.

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Notes to editors:

Snowswappers.com was launched in October 2011

It was founded by two sisters and ski resort property owners after recognising a gap in the market when they realised how much they wanted to try other resorts themselves

Snow Swappers simply act as an introductory service between two home owners and do not enter into further contract negotiations

Snow Swappers is available to anyone who owns a property in a ski resort destination anywhere in the world