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Mountain Property is not just for Christmas



Even purpose built ‘ski resorts’ have realised the potential for all year tourism and now offer a huge choice of activities that utilise the mountain environment, Snow Swappers look at why.


 Here comes the summertime! The huge amount of snow that’s fallen in the Alps this winter is melting fast. The sound of rushing water gushes through the old chalets built of wood and stone, there’s no drought here. The birds are singing again and the cows are let out once more to head up into the green summer pastures.

All the skiers are gone, the après ski bars are empty and the ski lifts shut down. The bustling ski resort becomes a sleepy old mountain village again and waits until the next snow arrives many months away. But, wait a second, someone invented mountain biking, paraponting, zip wires, white water rafting and what about plain good old fashioned rock climbing. The bars are open again and everyone’s having fun and even better, it’s warm and sunny!

According to the tourist office in Les Arcs, a purpose built ski resort in the French Alps, the number of beds taken in the summer of 2011 has gone up to 50% from a mere 35% in 2007. This increase is especially interesting as Les Arcs was never meant to be a summer resort. But there’s much on offer for everyone in the family, from golf to mountain biking and art festivals to spa hotels.

Further south in the French Alps, the high altitude ski resort of Les 2 Alpes also offers summer glacier skiing alongside mountain biking and all the other usual summer activities. The largest skiable glacier in Europe attracts over 135,000 skiers over the summer period with its 17 ski lifts, Freestyle Park and easy beginners’ terrain. 27% of all visitors to Les 2 Alpes stay over the summer months, making the town during June, July and August buzz just like it does in the winter ski season.

Another advantage of this growth in summer visitors is the increased opportunity for property owners to utilise their investment. Summertime is traditionally the low season in many ski resorts, but at last those empty apartments might actually get used. One company taking the lead in offering an alternative to the traditional and sometimes tricky rental market is Snow Swappers > www.snowswappers.com. This service provides property owners the chance to swap their homes with like-minded people in any mountain resort across the world. Fancy a summer trip to Whistler or a hiking trip to Chamonix? Why not head off to Alpe d’Huez to watch the Tour De France or even visit the world famous music festival in Verbier, Switzerland? You could swap a winter week for a summer one, or the other way around.

We still often think of the mountains as a winter destination but before skiing was even invented as a sport, tourists travelled to mountain towns like Chamonix in France or Interlaken in Switzerland. Here they could sample the clean air, fresh water and beautiful scenery on offer. Today, the small towns and villages that have built up around the ski industry for so many years are now attracting people for the same reasons. The only difference now is that you can get your fix of adrenaline too. So, forget the beach this summer and head for the hills.


Company Information

Snowswappers.com was launched in October 2011.

It was founded by two sisters and ski resort property owners after recognising a gap in the market when they realised how much they wanted to try other resorts themselves.

Snow Swappers simply acts as an introductory service between two home owners and does not enter into further contract negotiations.

Snow Swappers is available to anyone who owns a property in a ski resort destination anywhere in the world.

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